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ANGLER: Grant Zareba  SPECIES: Shortbill Spearfish WEIGHT: 22 Kg LURE: J.B. Evil Chopper

Angler’s name – Grant Zareba
Skippers Name – Mark Halling
Club - Shellharbour GFC
Boat Name – Anticipation
Boat Type –
Fish Type – Shortbill Spearfish
Weight – 22 Kg
Tackle – 37 Kg
Lure - JB Lures Evil Chopper
Capture Date – 5th April 2010
Location – went out on Anticipation yesterday for a few dollys in the morning, then out wider to chase another blue. had the lures out for 1.5hrs then one went off in 200 fathoms approx. Mark gunned the boat i was on the rod after a short fight had what we thought at first was a wahoo at the boat on 37kg. anyways it turned out to be a shortbill spearfish on the exact same lure i got my blue marlin on, your JB evil chopper. I didnt get the best photos but here are a few. im getting it mounted too. We put my chopper out too and trolled out to 1900 fathoms with one hit on the way in but no hook up. Thought you would like to know, Grant Zareba

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