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ANGLER: Chloe Hammersley  SPECIES: SBT  WEIGHT: 112kg LURE: JB Micro Dingo.

Angler's name Chloe Hammersley.
Skippers name Josh Hammersley.
Other Crew names
Boat Name "Hammer Time".
Boat Type 4.6 Savage Envoy.
Species Southern Bluefin Tuna.
Weight 112Kg.
Line Class 60Kg.
Lure - JB Micro Dingo.
Capture Date 12nd September 2017.
Location Eagle Hawk Neck.
Comments New world record, this fish beat Chloe's existing IGFA 60kg Junior record of 104.2kg, both fish were taken on the same JB Micro Dingo!!

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