Chook Lures.


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Tiny Chook, Little Chook, Chook and Big Chook.


Note: This photograph was taken by David Harrison. The Head and Skirt is a Custom Chook.


With a short stumpy profile the Chook range was designed for the short rigger and long corner, while the Big Chook is right at home on the short corner. A straight runner with a very busy action, since it hit the water in 1987 the Chook in the pink evil pattern has earned it self a legendary reputation with the records backing it up... it also has the First Grand Slam in the World in the New Millenium on its honour roll, three striped, a black and a blue (180kg) on the 3/1/2000 off Jervis Bay.

Available Options.


The Traditional lure heads come with mylar mirror tape on the inserts with clear or tinted resin. Click Here...

Custom options include 2 tone and 3 tone, tints, shell and pearl resin inserts choice of eye and inscription. Click Here...

Skirts are Yo-Zuri Octopus skirts. Click Here...


Tiny Chook.

Length - 6.5" 165mm.
Tackle - 6kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 8/0.
Position - riggers, shotgun.

Little Chook.

Length - 8" 200mm.
Tackle - 8kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 9/0.
Position - riggers, shotgun.


Length - 12.5" 315mm.
Tackle - 15kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 10/0.
Position - long corner, short rigger.

Big Chook.

Length - 15" 380mm.
Tackle - 24kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 10/0 or 11/0.
Position - short corner, long corner, short rigger.

The Chook's Gallery!


Rodney Norford aboard Reel Quick, 120 Kg Black Marlin caught on a "Pink Evil" "Chook" lure. 3.1.2000 Grand Slam aboard boat DMS, 3 Striped Marlin, 1 Black Marlin and 180 Kg Blue Marlin. "Ripper", "Chook" and "Big Chook" lures were used. ANGLER: Maria Carnevale. SPECIES: Blue Marlin. WEIGHT: 149.4 Kg. ANGLER: Craig Stuckey SPECIES: Big Eye Tuna WEIGHT: 54.6 Kg



For sales enquires and other enquires about our No.1 product please E-mail us or Phone our shop.


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