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Little Chopper, Medium Chopper, Chopper, Big Chopper and XL Chopper.

Note: This photograph was taken by David Harrison. The Head and Skirt is a Custom Chopper.


Joining the JB stable in 1998 the Chopper has earned an enviable reputation as a big blue raiser and tournament winner, with more than $600,000.00 worth of trophies in Australia alone! A plunger style lure with a scalloped face the Chopper has a very pronounced and consistent wiggle that most blue marlin find irresistible but it is also very stable in rough and windy weather. The heaviest marlin ever caught off Wollongong/Kiama, a 338.4kg blue on 37kg was taken on an evil Chopper by Dave Jeffries aboard 'Fishaholic' on 6th April 2009. On March 16th 2013 'Anticipation' fishing the Kiama Canyons hooked a monster 450kg plus blue marlin on a green Chopper, busting it off after an epic 9hr battle on 37kg standup tackle! 3 days later Dave Venn pulled the hooks on a 350kg plus blue then jumped off a 300kg, both taking the green Chopper on the long corner.

Available Options.


The Traditional lure heads come with mylar mirror tape on the inserts with clear or tinted resin. Click Here...

Custom options include 2 tone and 3 tone, tints, shell and pearl resin inserts choice of eye and inscription. Click Here...

Skirts are Yo-Zuri Octopus skirts. Click Here...


Little Chopper.

Length - 8.5" 215mm.
Tackle - 10kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 9/0.
Position - any position.

Medium Chopper.

Length - 10.5" 265mm.
Tackle - 15kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 10/0.
Position - long corner, riggers.


Length - 13" 330mm.
Tackle - 24kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 10/0 or 11/0.
Position - long corner, short rigger.

Big Chopper.

Length - 15" 380mm.
Tackle - 37kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 10/0, 11/0 or 12/0.
Position - long corner.

XL Chopper.

Length - 17" 430mm.
Tackle - 37kg - 60kg.
Hook rig - single 11/0, 12/0 or 14/0.
Position - .


The Chopper's Gallery!

ANGLER: Col Gray SPECIES: Blue Marlin WEIGHT: 242.8 Kg TACKLE: 60 Kg LURE: J.B. Chopper 338.4 Kg Blue Marlin caught on the "Evil Chopper" on 37 Kg Tackle by Dave Jeffery



For sales enquires and other enquires about our No.1 product please E-mail us or Phone our shop.


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